Friday, September 14, 2007

My Brush With the B-List

So after a couple crazy busy weeks and a little laziness on my part, I am back.

We don't get many celebrities in these here parts, even b (or arguably c) list celebs, so when I ran into Geraldo Rivera yesterday in my local CVS I was shocked surprised bemused. Bemused because there is just something about Geraldo. Maybe its the big mustache or perhaps its just the cheese factor. He was in the shampoo isle when I first spotted him. Then, as I waited in line behind him, he was nice to the cashier who said, "I know you, how you doin' Geraldo?" He then was followed outside by 2 giddy CVS employees and was nice to them too. Having lived in New York I know how to handle myself around a celebrity and just watched from my vantage point in the check out line. As I left the store Geraldo was driving away in a black Honda CRV with local plates. Anyway, I had to call Ralph right away to leave a laughing my ass off message on his voicemail. I am still laughing my ass off. A little internet stalking led me to his reason for being in my suburban hamlet. His in-laws live about 5 minutes from me.

I love seeing famous people in everyday situations, it makes them seem so much more...I don't know, how do you say...HUMAN. Do you have any celebrity sightings? If so, post them in my comments.

P.S. Don't worry Geraldo, I restrict my stalking to the cyber type.


Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

That's funny! I once saw Noah from 90210 at a bar in LA. I can tell you're impressed.

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